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Black fluorescent light in room activates Roku like "play/pause" button

I have some black lights in the room with my tv and roku.  Regularly, when the black fluorescent light is turned on or off, the Roku responds as if the play/pause button on the remote were pushed.  Though it doesn't occur 100% of the times the power is cycled, this is regularly a repeatable event.


I'd guess that Roku's remote control signaling protocol has a particularly simple pattern for the play/pause button, and the startup flickering of the UV light happens to be at a rate that is interpreted as the remote control signal.


Anyone else having similar problems?  I know this isn't likely to be a common situation.

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Roku Guru

Re: Black fluorescent light in room activates Roku like "play/pause" button

Not with a Roku and a black light, but I have had another device that responded to a white fluorescent light being switched on.

If your Roku has an IR sensor but you are using a Wi-Fi remote, you could cover up the IR sensor.