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Best Non-Harmony Universal Roku Remote?

Bought a new Roku Express for the bedroom and I despise the cheap-o five ounce Roku remote it came with. It also does not handle my TV power nor volume for the Samsung LCD in the bedroom.

What's the latest and greatest universal remote that works with the Roku? I have a Roku Ultra with the high end Harmony with Harmony Hub in the living room (and it works great) but I don't want to spend that kind of money for the bedroom.

Looking for recommendations for a typical ~$20 universal remote that is physically bigger than the Roku remote, and has full functionality for all the Roku buttons like the Back arrow and Home button (except the ad buttons, I never use those).

Any suggestions on what's out there and what actually works? Been to several sites and read many amazon reviews but can't find that right one yet. Thanks!

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Re: Best Non-Harmony Universal Roku Remote?

Oneforall brand universal remotes work well with Roku (except sticks, which only work with Roku wireless remotes). 

Look for the models which have "learning" feature.

Model 7935 has more features than standard Roku remote, will control TV as well.  Bigger models available.

The (rare) "Onn" branded Roku remote (not Onn TV) can control volume and power of most TV's, sending commands via HDMI cable. Model RC-ELIR, only from places like eBay.

If the size of the standard Roku remote is an issue (handling), a cheap workaround is to take a small thin board, stiff plastic, or metal tray and wire the remote to it with garden wire through small holes drilled thru the board. Buttons won't be bigger but more to grip onto, less likely to lose the remote in the sofa cushions.  Did that to stop the small person in my house losing the remote constantly.

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