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Audio (while on private listening) in Voice Remote Pro continues even after I turn my TV off

This issue/question is about the new Voice Remote Pro. When I am using private listening (using headphone connected to the remote), I notice that audio from the last TV program that I was watching (youtube) continues to be audible (thru my headset) even after I have turned the TV off using the remote!

Is this normal?

I am concerned that remote may be chewing up battery streaming the audio while no one is watching. Also, does the roku player itself continue "working" after the TV is turned off? 



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Re: Audio (while on private listening) in Voice Remote Pro continues even after I turn my TV off

Roku devices connected to TVs operate whenever power is supplied to them.  Best practice is to return the Roku to the Roku Home screen when done viewing to stop any streaming activity.

There is also a "Bandwidth saver" function that kicks in when the Roku has received no user input in four hours. It asks if you are still watching, and if it receives no response, it exits the current stream and returns the Roku to its home page.

You can turn this feature on and off via Settings > Network > Bandwidth saver

Note that some individual channel apps may have a similar feature.

Your suspicions are correct, if the audio is playing through headphones plugged into the remote it is using batteries.  I don't know about the new Pro model, but on its precursors with headphone jacks, any time the headphones were plugged into the remote it activated the remote's headphone amplifier and used up the batteries even when not streaming anything.  Best practice with those remotes was to unplug the earphones when not actively listening, and I expect this applies to the Pro too.

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