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Reel Rookie

Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

Yes - I have searched for this - and found no solution that worked for me.   That said:

Roku 3, I added a 32G memory card.   My remote, upon adding the card is no longer detected.

I loaded the Roku app for my smartphone to be able to select to format the SD card - and it still is not recognizing my remote.   (There is no "pairing" button inside the remote).

I did use the smartphone app to scroll through to re-connect to the remote.   Doesn't recognize it.

Then - used smartphone app again to go to System > Restart Roku - and it's been stuck on the startup Roku screen for about 10 minutes, now - and is not recognized on my network, yet to be able to use the smartphone app.

What gives?   Can't these things just work as intended?

Reel Rookie

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

Update - the system did finally boot up.   It took about 15 minutes.   Still no remote via the remote I always had used before adding the SD card.   Smartphone app works.

I did a hard reboot of the Roku (disconnected power cord, and re-attached after sitting a few minutes) - and it still does not recognize the remote (but smartphone app still works).

I pulled the power again.  Removed the SD Memory card, and like magic - the remote suddenly works again.   Why????


Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

Same problem exactly with my Roku 2 and adding a micro SD card. Why does the remote stop working?

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

I realize it's only been two months but did you resolve this? I have the exact same issue - remote and app work fine, install SD card and app still works but remote does not. Remove card and reboot, bam remote magically works again. I have a roku remote and a harmony remote (uses IR) and both stop working. Roku formatted the card without complaint and I can view the storage it's using, so the card works. 

Why would adding an SD card to hold channel overflow break the remote? I added a 32GB card because it was the cheapest option - I know people are saying that's overkill but I just want to stop channels from having to reload when I use them.


Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

I have come to encounter your same problem.

I have no idea why it is going on....I used a 64 gb

Channel Surfer

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

Same problem.  sd card in remote wont work.  Take sd card out, have it powered off a couple of minutes remote works again.  Tried two rokus 3 and two remotes, ir remotes, all combinations had same issue.  Reboot with the phone app no help.  They won't fix this?!?!

Well if roku keeps having wars with the providers, like hbomax, maybe they figure they no longer need to support additional channels via SD card as we head to rokus only working with the roku channel.

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Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works


Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide us with the following information:
-Roku device model
-serial number
-device ID
-software OS/version
(these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-when did you start seeing this issue occur?

With more information we will be able to investigate the issue further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
Community Streaming Expert

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

In the first place, 32GB is way too big, and 64 GB is nonsense. The Roku will only use between 2-4 GB of the card, and that's it. Anything larger is wasted.

And bottom line is the SD card is of limited value. Its only purpose is to expand the channel storage memory, so if you have a whole lot of channels installed you don't have to have the code swapped out when you use one that gets used seldom. Unless your Internet is really, really slow, the swap only takes 10-15 seconds and you're good to go. The SD card does nothing to boost the performance of the Roku itself. And you only use a handful of channels and never use the extended storage space, the card is wasted and you see no difference in use. 

Now with older, slower Roku players, that swap time might be longer than I mentioned. But those older ones aren't going to support the larger, faster types of SD cards either. And many of those older players can't even install some of the latest channels, such as Disney+ or CBS All Access for example.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

Unfortunately, my fix was to remove the SD card.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Added SD Card - Remote no longer works

-Roku device model 4230X - Roku 3
-serial #: 4E653D121676
-device ID:  Not sure - there's not a line in the "about" section for this information.
-software OS/version   9.4.0 build 416-04
(these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-when did you start seeing this issue occur? After I inserted the SD card and booted up the Roku.  My process was documented in the original posts.

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