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Re: Micro SD card (Roku 2GB) causes Remote to stop worrking

My suggestion is you upgrade to the Roku Ultra. When I did get the Ultra to stop dealing with Roku 3 glitches, I was surprised to see that it improved my SHD TV picture quality by 20-25%! (And the picture had already been good before) It also improved the internet speed some to the Roku Ultra, but I think it was more the quality of data that improved the most that made the picture that much better. I literally said to myself "How is this not 4K?", the Roku Ultra made that much difference for me.

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Re: Micro SD card (Roku 2GB) causes Remote to stop worrking

had same experience…   Roku 4400X ultra 4 that worked fine for many months with micro SD Sandisk then one day just simply stopped working.  System froze on Home Screen, would not recognize or pair remotes.  Did everything everyone suggested.  New batteries, unplugged/reboot, reset, full system reset including TV reset to factory in case my software somehow was an issue.  Smart TV would not even recognize I had a Roku device connected.  Spent hours doing this and on line researching my situation.

Then finally I removed my Card powered system off and on…Boom Home Screen popped on and paired immediately.  With my newly ordered Roku rechargeable remote.  Oh and yes it did pair with my old remote too.  I checked  !!!

Bottom line is that clearly there is an issue with SD cards and Roku devices.  Save yourself time, money and frustration - just pull your SD Card and reboot.  surprised and disappointed that Roku doesn’t list this as a known issue.   Would save us consumers endless hours of frustration.  Goes straight to consumer satisfaction.  

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Re: Micro SD card (Roku 2GB) causes Remote to stop worrking

@sbmb just for clarification. Your 4400 is not an Ultra. The first model Ultra was the 4640. Yours is the Roku 4, the first 4K player, but does not support HDR. It's also the only player with an internal fan, because it generates so much heat. Make sure you keep is somewhere it's well ventilated. 


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