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Reel Rookie

A few Questions about Roku Ultra & Roku Pro Remote

Purchased: Roku Store June 15, 2023
Delivered: June 17, 2023
Installed: June 17, 2023

My Details TV: LG Nano90UNA

Roku Ultra: Model 4802X
Software 12.0.0 - Build 4184-C2

Remote: Voice Remote Pro
Model: RC795
Firmware Version: rtn.4228
System Settings - Remote: IR setup selected not CEC.
Hands Free Voice: turned off at remote, slider in lower position, keeps turning on in Roku user settings not side of remote on June 17, 18 & 19, why?

June 17, 2023 Roku Ultra Setup:
Direct connected to gateway - Wifi deactivated. Minimum speed in excess of 200mbps
Electrical at wall outlet.

Included HDMI not compatible with TV, error message never seen before or since. 
HDMI from Roku Ultra to HDMI-1 tv - also tried HDMI-2

At setup Roku Pro Remote charged to 97%. Upon completion of set-up and two Roku restarts, 1 TV restart, no further updates available from Roku. I viewed DVR movie appx 140 minutes duration, fast forward thru ads. Conclusion of movie exited DirecTv Stream app, battery at 86%, turned device off thru the Roku Pro remote power button. TV shutdown, Roku Ultra light off after 20-30 seconds.

June 18, 2023:
Roku Ultra light on (white), tv off, Roku Pro Remote zero percent battery life, why?

3x today I have shutdown tv and Roku Ultra in each instance Roku Ultra turns itself on after appx 20 minutes, why?

Unplugged Roku Ultra electrical for evening, battery level 96%.

June 19, 2023:
Activate tv and Roku Ultra battery still at 96%.
Hands Free Voice reactivated in system settings, side slide switch at off position, why?

Why did Roku not think of allowing end users to swap out rechargeable batteries for charged rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries with the Roku Remote Pro?

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