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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: the green light on two of our remotes won’t stop flashing


Thanks for the inquiry.

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Danny R.
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Re: the green light wot stop flashing

If you own a TCL, don't waste your time responding to this thread like I did.  The problem is the Roku branded remote, the same exact problem everyone in this thread has and instead they point me back to TCL.

"Hi, Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing. Have you tried contacting TCL support yet to inquire further? I'd suggest starting there to see what options or suggestions they can provide. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS.  You can reach them here: or at  1-877-300-8837. Thanks, Danny"

The TV is 2 years old so it is out of warranty and the problem is 100% a problem with the Roku remote that came with the TV.  I solved it by unfortunately having to buy another universal remote from Roku.  If it was a problem with the TV then why would this have worked?  I also bought a universal IR remote, so that next time this happens I have a back up.  This will make me think twice about buying a TV with a built in Roku next time.  Maybe GoogleTV or FireTV.

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