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Level 7

roku selections bouncing around

I've had roku player for about five years. Suddenly, the roku standard remote is acting erratically; it is bouncing around and I can't select the options I would like.

I've changed the batteries.

I tested the infrared signal from the remote by viewing it through the iPhone camera and it is working.

Also, the roku player is quite warm to the touch. I unplugged the roku receiver/player to let it cool down for 10 minutes and it allowed me to make some random new selections.

Should I replace the remote or the player or both? 

I hope that I can get some advice for troubleshooting this unit soon.


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Level 20

Re: roku selections bouncing around

I think you should replace the roku and it will come with a new remote. Newer roku with wifi remotes will have tv controls like volume and mute. 

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