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Level 7

remote opened roku and it added a channel

I  was watching a show on roku and paused it.  Later I went back and clicked the remote to  open 

the screen and continue watching the show but it started adding a channel and I wasn't quick enough

to stop it.

I deleted the channel but am worried that if that happens again that I or someone else might accidentally

purchase something.

How can I stop that from happening?

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Level 18

Re: opened roku and it added a channel

It wont.

Im pretty sure you have to jump through hoops to subscribe to a Premium channel.

If they charge you for something you can complain and it gets worked out.

You should always watch for movement on your credit cards.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 21

Re: opened roku and it added a channel

Don't use the OK button on the remote to dismiss the screensaver; use any other button.  One or more of the Roku screensavers advertises channels and pressing OK will install the channel.  I don't believe that any of those channels cost anything to install.  Also, enable a PIN on your account at



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Level 20

Re: opened roku and it added a channel

Change the screensaver to the digital clock.

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Level 7

Re: opened roku and it added a channel

The problem only happens when I have paused a show.  While the channel installs, it disconnects the tv show I am watching. No one else is even in the house, so I know it's not being added by another user.

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