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remote not working normal, after changing from wireless to wired connection

Remote seemed to work fine since new this year. Remote was a basic remote per a picture, I seen somewhere on this site, but the ad for the TCL roku tv listed the remote as "enhanced".

I ordered an ethernet cable and made my system a "wired" connection, instead of the wireless connection I had. The next couple of days the remote would not turn on TV, we open the battery door on remote, and were able to move batteries  around and remote turned on tv. Next day same thing, so I installed new batteries in remote, which basically did nothing to make remote responsive.

I finally got remote to work, don't ask me how, but it was more erratic thru out the day, so I disconnected new ethernet cable, and changed setting back to "wireless" and remote has be working normal since then.

So now I am wondering what me next step should be, does my remote need replacing due to my changing wireless to a wired connection, which seems most likely due to the little info I have found on this problem. I know to some this may sound simple, but to a new cordcutter/streaming guy this is not so simple

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