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remote for streaming stick+ 3810R unpairing/repairing with a second of the same model

  I had kind of an odd issue. I got a streaming stick+ for myself a couple months ago while on sale and 2 days ago I got one for my mother.

What I have been doing is switching the sticks at night and for some reason my remote was trying to pair with her stick when I switched them.

  Then something dawned on me so I figured I would post this in case any of you are having the same issue. The entire wi-fi module is in the cable that plugs into this particular device. if you use the cable that belongs to another stick when you switch sticks your remote is going to get confused.

the point is you should keep the streaming stick + and it's cable together so you don't confuse them and you shouldn't switch them around.


hopefully this helps someone out there


I searched for this particular issue and came up empty so if this has been touched on before I did not see it.