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Help with Roku remotes and accessories, including pairing a remote, setting up TV power & volume control, using voice commands, power adapters, cables, headphones, and wireless speaker accessories.
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rc al2


I currently have a rc al2 remote with a pairing button. My dog has decided this is one of her favorite chew toys. So now I need a replacement. Do I have to replace with another rc al2 remote? I see several options out there that physically look like the rc al2 but have different options for the buttons rc al2 has Netflix Sling Hulu ATT Now. Other remotes have different combinations and are similar. Do these mater at all?  How important is the pairing button?

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Re: rc al2

I would upgrade to RC-AL7 that has a MUTE. Its what Roku sells, the voice remote for $19.99:

Or from amazon:


The pairing button is very important for Roku Sticks which only respond to Wifi remotes. And only Wifi remotes have tv controls, IR remotes do not. 

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