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"Unable to complete request": On Screen offer for Beta Remote: Bundle Test, SKU 4661R

This Early Access Offer has been appearing for last few days:

"Hey Roku "... Hands-free voice, Rechargeable battery, ...Personal shortcuts, ...  $9.99 Free Shipping

When I go through the Purchase screen, PIN, etc., I get the error:

    "Unable to complete request"

    "Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your

     transaction. If you would like to purchase, please

     try again"

I have try multiple times over these past few days to no avail: same message continuously. My Payment Info is up-to-date. I find this offer nowhere else. 


One odd thing, the SKU: 4661R has been used over last couple of years.

What's up? Anyone else experience this?

Thanking you in advance.

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