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personal shortcut buttons not working for new Roku Ultra

Message: Hi, I just purchased a couple Roku Ultras (Model 4661RW Roku Ultra) and on one of them, the remote's personal shortcut buttons aren't working properly. I used the mic to launch an app, then I hold down button 1 or 2 to hear the beep and store the app in that location. But when I try it, it sometimes launches the app and other times I just hear the beep and nothing happens. I have the same issue with both buttons. My other remote's personal buttons are working fine (for now). I have tried using the fix for roku's problems with the apple tv app, but that didn't help. Please advise how to fix this problem or do I need to return it? Thanks!

Press the Home Button five (5) times on your remote
Press the Up Arrow once
Hit the Rewind Button twice
Press the Fast Forward button twice

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