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Level 7

newbie w/ remote qwesh

just got a Roku Ultra ...

and  the remote i see, has taken over my  t v... L G  OLED 

 i am  Not  using the device A Lot !  stream  my Netflix  and Amazon  here - n - there ...

but noticed  as i went from watching T V , to turn on the power for the  Ultra unit,

T V  turns off ! Smiley Frustrated 

 do not want that ...   so would like to be able to bounce  back - n - forth 

 between  "whatever"  and  the Roku ...W/O  turning the T V  off 


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Level 17

Re: newbie w/ remote qwesh

Rokus don't turn off.  Some Roku remotes (including yours) have TV controls, but they ONLY control the TV.  So, if you press the power button on a Roku remote (with TV controls) it toggles the power on the TV.  (But the Roku was on all the time.)

In other words, don't try to turn your Roku On.

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Level 7

Re: newbie w/ remote qwesh

o k  i think i got it ... newbie  here ... but  in truth ... i'm  an old  guy  Smiley Frustrated 

trying to figure   tech out 

thanx for the input

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