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battery life

The batteries in the remote of my Roku 4 only last about a month.  I have a ROKU smart TV and an old ROKU 1.  Those batteries last 6 months or longer.  The batteries in my TV remote last long also.  Anyone know what's up with this?

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Re: battery life

Do you use headphones?

Do you unplug the headphone when you're not actively listening? That is, after you finish watching, are you unplugging the headphones?

Finally, if the remote has A & B buttons, when you aren't actively using it, is it stationary, as in on a non-moving table?
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Re: battery life

Going on years and using the headphone into headphone jack 6-8 hours , every day without fail. [ i listen to TuneinRadio or FFRC on you Tube as i sleep]

I buy a 4 pack of the Energenier recharge AA about $10 , about every 10-12 months, recharging them ever other day. Roku 3 and now a Roku 4.
Recharging batteries will become one of your regular daily routines.
Incidentally, i bought a high speed charger, most times within an hour they are recharged.

Regular batteries will send ya to the poor house. They dont last.  Before i went to recharge, i bought a box of 60 regular AA batteries thinking i was all set for a long time. They lasted less than 2 months.  The Dollar Store batteries, even if alkaline, last about 4 hours.
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