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YouTube TV app no menu/nav sounds after Robyte update

I've experimented with alternate Android remote apps, and tried both the Roku app as well as one by Robyte. I ended up liking the free version of Robyte. One reason for that preference was that when using YouTube TV the Robyte app made nav/menu clicks, whereas the Roku app did not (reason unknown).

Now, after having just updated the Robyte app (to v2.2.5) the nav/menu sounds disappeared when using YouTube TV. They still occur in the base Roku interface, just not when using YTTV.

I haven't gone as far as trying to backtrack and go to the older version of the Robyte app yet. There are "Menu Click" audio settings in Roku (all remain active), but nothing similar in the YTTV app.

I thought I'd try out the community here and see if I could get a lead on what a fix might be.

YouTube TV support seems to think there isn't now and never has been menu sounds available. Ha.

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