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Work around for Lost Roku Remote

My girlfriend and I recently moved and in the shuffle of things, we lost our Roku remote. For two days we have been trying to find it but haven't had any luck, which has been absolutely infuriating! Since we moved into a new place, the TV wasn't able to find an internet connection and we couldn't change any settings. (Using reddit and people saying to use a hotspot etc etc didn't work either). BUT, I came up with an idea that worked and might save someone else a headache that isn't needed. If you are capable to move your Roku TV to where your router/modem is you can use an ethernet cable to hook directly from your router/modem to the Roku TV. You then need to download the ROKIE app on your smart phone and open it to pair it with the Roku TV that is now on your wired network. Once connected, go to 'Settings', 'Network', 'Set up connection' and change it to Wireless. It will give you a selection of wireless networks (connect to yours) and enter the password and you should be good to go! You can then turn off and disconnect your Roku TV from the ethernet and move it back to where it needs to go. Plug it back in and it should automatically detect your new wireless network. Open the ROKIE app on your smart phone and pair it with the Roku TV again (now that it is on the wireless network), and enjoy using the remote on your smartphone! The app does have pop up ads, which is annoying but you can pay to have them removed. Hopefully this helps someone who finds themselves in the same predicament! If you have any questions in regards to what I did just send me a DM.

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Re: Work around for Lost Roku Remote

what if your roku is not hooked up to the internet 

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Re: Work around for Lost Roku Remote

This method only works if your Roku has an Ethernet port.  Most do not.

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