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Will my old RC03 voice remote work with a 3810X Streaming Stick +?

My old 4200X Roku 3 is starting to show its age.  Even with a microsd card, it is very slow and sometimes doesn't work.

I will happily replace it with a modern unit.  7 years is a good run.

I like the 3810X, but I can save $10 if the standard Streaming Stick + will support my older remote with headphone jack (RC03).  Otherwise I will have to buy the 3811X.  Have you tried this combination?  Does it work?

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Re: Will my old RC03 voice remote work with a 3810X Streaming Stick +?

I don't have 3810 at the moment to test, I just paired my rc03 remote with tcl 43" roku tv and everything worked including the headphone jack. Same for my Roku Smart Soundbar, so I'm pretty sure it will work with 3810. My Premiere + 3921x that usually works with headphone jack remotes didn't work with rc03. It paired to the remote and could control it from another room but the headphone jack didn't work just muted the sound on the tv. But the premiere+ isn't sold with headphone jack remote like the 3810/3811 is.

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