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Why is Microphone Randomly Blasting On?

I'm on my 6th Roku. I've had the Roku Ultra for a few months now, and the microphone on the remote keeps randomly coming on to shout at me. This is PAINFUL when the earphones are in, and I had to stop using them because IT HURTS. I bought this because it had the earphone jack, but it was waste of money (especially with those truly terrible, shouldn't even be free, JBL earbuds). I have turned the microphone to "never allow", which apparently means, "always allow a computer to start shouting when buttons other than the mic are pushed." It comes on by itself. It comes on when I push OKAY, left, right, pause, when I look at it funny, etc. etc. ect. It comes up with different demands and requests, but it mostly likes telling me I can save things, and to speak more clearly when I haven't even said a word. It doesn't understand my foine accent, anyway. Who knows when or why it's going to happen. I'm having to buy another off-brand remote so that I don't go pure deaf and sue Roku for it. I'd prefer to keep being able to hear the music to which I'm attempting to listen. I would also prefer not to have spent money on a poorly-tested product. Is there seriously no way to turn this cursed thing off once and for all? 

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