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Why in the world don't the remote specs indicate some are IR and some are "point anywhere"?

My remote performed the apparently all-too-common "Roku self immolation" (In all my years in the tech business, I've never heard of a solid-state device spontaneously shorting like that, EVER!  Smiley Mad), so I needed to purchase a new one. 

I don't want to use headphones or voice control, and I need my universal remote for other components anyway, so why spend more for a fancier remote?

Because it uses WiFi and doesn't require line-of-sight to work!  That's why!  Smiley Mad

It's unconscionable that critical feature which is missing on some remote models isn't prominently displayed on the remote's feature page!  It's not only about compatibility.  Shame on Roku!  Now I have to purchase another remote, and I'm not even sure which one I need. 

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Re: Why in the world don't the remote specs indicate some are IR and some are "point anywhere&q

If you tell us the type of roku ytou have, and name & model number of the roku we may be able to help? So you bought an IR remote, but want point anyway remote, a WIFI remote? Current WIFI remotes are voice remotes. You can get a wifi voice remote from walmart or best buy. And wifi remotes are the only roku remote with tv controls. Look in the remote aisle and not streamer aisle. 

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