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Wall of 4 TVs, will each remote work independently?

Hey! I currently have two Rokus that I was previously using at a bar & restaurant (which unfortunately closed due to the situation) ... Now I inherited both the Rokus and a bunch of flat screen TVs which I mounted to the wall of a theater room I am setting up at home (4 TVs total). Previously at the bar each Roku required using the proper remote to operate it (I'm assuming they were paired specifically to the associated Roku) and this is great as I want to be able to change the program on each independently without affecting the other TVs nearby. I would like to purchase a few more Roku's but I want to be assured I can pair each other them independently like the ones I already have seem to work. Do I need to purchase a specific type of Roku or do anything special to make sure I get the right kind of remotes? Thanks!

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Re: Wall of 4 TVs, will each remote work independently?

Buy Roku Stick+ that only use wifi remotes, which are only paired to one roku at a time. Roku Ultra, ultra LT, Premiere+ all have the same wifi remotes, but they all  respond to IR remotes too, the same IR remotes. 

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Re: Wall of 4 TVs, will each remote work independently?

You assume correct.  Each roku has is own paired remote.  You can use just about any roku remote with any device by pairing it first.  you cant just take a roku remote from device A and point it at device B.  You first need to pair it.

Gets a little squirrely when using universal remotes as you can change multiple rokus at same time with those.   Only a potential problem if you have them lined up next to each other or live in a house of mirrors. But as long as you use orig roku remotes, they are indendepently paired/assigned.

Certain elevated tier remotes (enhanced remotes) come with certain products.  But you can purchase an enhanced remote from roku, walmart, best buy etc and use with any roku product.  You have to look at each device to see what kind of remote it comes with.  Basically the two enhanced remotes include voice recognition, a mute button (or both) and two "programmable shortcut" buttons for launching apps in addition to the preloaded app buttons on the roku (netflix, hulu, etc)

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