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Voice search not working (different remote model paired)?

I just got a roku premiere+ that comes with enhanced remote (based on the pairing button and volume controls on the side).  The remote works fine except for voice search.  When I press and hold the button for mic, say a command, it does nothing.  It just returns to home and highlighting "Streaming channels".

Is this a region thing, cause i've had enough of that region limitations from a lot of devices.  Also, i noticed that in the roku settings, the model of the paired remote is RC128, but looking physically at the remote battery compartment, the model is RC-AL2.  

Can anyone help me on this issue?

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Re: Voice search not working (different remote model paired)?

Remote model in the battery compartment never matches the code in the menu. Try re-pairing the remote to the roku and see if the voice search starts then. It could be controlling the roku by IR, in that case the voice search wouldn't work.

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