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Level 7

Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

Is one of the player models with voice remote compatible with YouTube TV?  Using voice remote, I want to change channel, play a selection from DVR, and move forward/backward?  My Amazon Firestick won't do this and wonder if upgrading to Roku solves the problem.

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Level 18

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

I dont see why not.

It works with the Youtube Channel.

I think this is actually under development but working.

I dont have YoutubeTv though

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

Sorry, I have a Roku 3 with voice remote & it doesn't work 'within' the YouTube app. Just like Firestick doesn't work 'within' YouTube  either. I'm searching for the same as you.

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Level 7

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV app - Not

I have a TCL roku TV where I run youtube tv app

I ordered the voice remote thinking that since the remote details said it works with all Roku TVs it should make my switching channels easier.

Stupid me.  Seems it doesnt work - wants to leave youtube tv  app and load for example- CNN app when I tell it to play CNN. I already have a youtube tv subscription- dont need another.


Can Roku fix this,  I feel like sending this voice remote back, as the non voice remote was working - albeit kludgy. 


Level 12

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV app - Not

I own 3 TCL Roku TVs. I use YouTube TV also, I bought the voice remote pro for each. You can tell your Roku to launch certain channels. But you cannot give it specific commands when your inside a channel. It tells you this when you read about the remote. But that’s not a Roku issue. It’s the functionality of the channel. You can say “Roku launch YouTube TV”. But once your watching YouTube TV you cannot say “Change the channel to CNN”.  Your voice remote cannot change the channels within YouTube TV. That’s normal. Each channel such as YouTube TV or Netflix is developed and controlled by those companies. Each one works differently. Do they Roku remote can perform Roku commands. It cannot perform commands from channels using a different developer

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