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Level 7

Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

Is one of the player models with voice remote compatible with YouTube TV?  Using voice remote, I want to change channel, play a selection from DVR, and move forward/backward?  My Amazon Firestick won't do this and wonder if upgrading to Roku solves the problem.

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Level 18

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

I dont see why not.

It works with the Youtube Channel.

I think this is actually under development but working.

I dont have YoutubeTv though

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Voice remote compatibility with YouTube TV

Sorry, I have a Roku 3 with voice remote & it doesn't work 'within' the YouTube app. Just like Firestick doesn't work 'within' YouTube  either. I'm searching for the same as you.

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