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Voice Remote Pro Volume Issues

I just bought a voice remote pro since it has a rechargeable battery. Received it yesterday and paired it with my current Roku+tv. Everything works except the volume buttons even mute, I've tried repairing it, resetting my Roku and looked under the support options but there's no options for my tv brand (Sceptre). My regular voice remote works just fine so I don't understand why the newer one is having issues.

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Re: Voice Remote Pro Volume Issues

Try telling it you have a Sony instead? 

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Re: Voice Remote Pro Volume Issues

It sounds like you might need to setup TV controls. If you go to: 
Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remotes > Voice Remote Pro > Set up remote for TV control there is a flow you can follow that will program your remote to use IR commands. I just checked my Roku and I see Sceptre in the list. 

Note, this is only guaranteed to setup the TV on/off and volume + mute  buttons. If you want to control your TV with hands-free and you find it's not working after going through this process, you will need to make sure CEC is enabled in your TV settings.  Not all TVs have this, so you'll need to consult your TV manual. 

Though Sceptre isn't listed, you may find this article helpful for how to find this setting and what it's called on other TV brands. Unfortunately, there is no standard name for this setting.

If you still have trouble Roku customer support may be able to help dig deeper. 

Good luck! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Voice Remote Pro Volume Issues

Hi @lovely_shai89

Thanks for posting to Community!

We may have a solution for the volume and power buttons on your Voice Remote Pro. 

With manufacturers producing various models, most TV brands have a number of remote codes. During the remote setup, your Roku player will attempt to narrow this list of possible codes on your specific TV brand and program the enhanced remote to the correct code. It is possible that the code programmed into your Roku enhanced remote when you heard the music stop only contains commands to control either volume or power, but not both. Using a different code for the TV brand may work to control both volume and power.

To have your Roku player try additional remote codes, restart the setup process for your Roku enhanced remote and alter the steps as follows:

  1. When you first hear the music stop and are asked “Did the music stop playing?”, do not answer the question. Instead, turn the volume back up with your TV remote until the music is audible again.

  2. Now, answer the question with No, and your Roku player will move on to try the next remote code.

  3. The next time you hear the music stop, answer the question with Yes, and your Roku enhanced remote will be programmed with the new code.

  4. In rare cases, you may need to repeat this process, answering No to multiple codes before you find a code that controls both volume and power. 

If you want to dive in to this feature and more troubleshooting, check our handy article here:

If you're still running into hiccups, we want to learn more. Let us know your Sceptre TV's model number and we'll check in with our remote folks to see if we can get you some more information.



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