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Unpairing an enhanced remote?

Hi Forum Folke,

I have a Roku 4 XP; it came with one remote, and I added another because my wife is constantly losing it... now she can lose HERS and I still have one!

Anyway, one of the remotes just utterly died yesterday (hers, of course.)  I've pulled the batteries from it, but the Roku Settings menu still shows two remotes.  I'd like to unpair the dead one, so I can pair the new one when it arrives (oops... just realized I may not have ordered a pair-able remote... hmmmm)     At any rate, I'd like to unpair the dead one anyway, but it shows Remote 1 and a mac address, and Remote 2 with another mac address.  I can't find a mac address anywhere on or in the remote, so how can I identify which remote is the good one?  And, having done that, how can I unpair the dead one?

Thanks for reading, and hope someone's got the answer out there.

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Re: Unpairing an enhanced remote?

I have had 6 remotes paired to my roku 4, don't let it bother you.
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Re: Unpairing an enhanced remote?

Maybe the Roku phone/tablet app would work better for your partner?  Not only is it available in the Google Play and Apple AppStore, it is also available in the Amazon Appstore.  I had gotten a Kindle Fire 7 during a black friday sale for $35 and discover you get exactly what you pay for.  However, the Fire makes an passable Roku remote which is harder to accidentally lose.
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