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Unpair remote to my TV

I have a streaming stick plus plugged into my hdmi port. I originally set up the remote to pair with my tv so it could control the power and volume. I now have a sound bar and the roku remote paired to it and can control the volume. I only want to use the sound bar and not the tv volume since when I use the volume on the roku remote, it turns up the volume for both the sound bar and the TV. How can I unpair the remote with the TV so the roku only controls the sound bar?
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Re: Unpair remote to my TV

I am having the same issue. I have unpaired and paired the remote 3 times and it still wont connect to my home theater system..... only the sound on the tv. So if anyone has the answer I would really appreciate it!!!

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Community Manager

Re: Unpair remote to my TV

Hi there, 

Thanks for the question here. A couple things to note. 

Roku remotes with TV power and volume controls are designed to control your TV's power and volume, not a connected audio/video receiver. You can see more here:

The ability to control a connected audio receiver requires your TV to support HDMI CEC, and send these volume commands to your connected receiver. HDMI CEC would need to be enabled on your TV and A/V receiver. 

You might also check to see if you've enabled 1-touch play in Settings>System>Control other devices, and try enabling/disabling this feature. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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