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Ultra remote headset port not working

Will not work on all channels.  I tried to watch a movie in 4k on Amazon prime and couldn't get any sound using the ultra remote.   Went over to YouTube, and it worked fine.  What happened?

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Re: Ultra remote headset port not working

@Txboyntn  Thanks for the note. A few questions here to help better understand the issue you're running into: 

- Did you try removing the batteries from the remote and reinserting them, as well as restarting your device from Settings>System>About?

- If you use the free Roku mobile app for private listening, does it work as expected? 

- Which model of Roku Ultra are you using in Settings>System>About? 

- Which movie were you trying to watch that you did not hear audio when using remote private listening? Does the same issue occur on other titles with Amazon Prime Video?