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Two different streaming stick remotes died suddenly

We have had 2 older streaming sticks for several years, and we love them, but something odd happened tonight. We use these literally every day. Tonight, we tried to use the Roku in the bedroom and the remote did not work. My first thought was dead batteries, so I changed them. Nothing. Reboot the unit and try to pair the remote - nothing. So I went to the Living Room and turned on the other unit, it worked just fine. I literally walked up 3 steps to the bedroom, rebooted the unit again and when it came on to the home screen, I tried to pair the other remote with the streaming stick. Nothing. And now - both remotes are completely dead. They won't pair with either unit. The streaming sticks themselves work just fine, I can control them with the app on my phone. But the remotes are both suddenly completely dead. How could attempting to pair a remote that's working fine one minute to a different streaming stick kill the remote? I tried to put new batteries in both units, nothing works. At all.

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Re: Two different streaming stick remotes died suddenly

I'm wondering if some update somewhere is doing this.. my Roku 3 RF remote "died" a little over a week ago, after 5 years. Worked fine, and then it won't pair this week, even though the pairing lights on it light up, and it attenpts to..

What kind of wifi router do you have? We have a Google WiFi.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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