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Turn off TV with Roku remote

I have a Roku in my living room which does not have a power button for the TV on it. I do however have CEC set up on this system which turns the TV on from the remote when I press most any button while it's off. They recently added a button to the home screen that turns the TV off but that is the only way I know how to use that particular CEC command. 

Today I rolled over in the couch onto the remote and pressed some buttons in the process. Usually when that happens I end up at the home screen or one of the apps that has a shortcut button. This time however, the TV cut off. 

I figure some button combination or something caused it. I found nothing about it on Google. I tried a few different combinations but so far have been unable to replicate it. Does anyone know the secret?

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Re: Turn off TV with Roku remote

This just happened to me - rolled over onto the Roku remote and the TV turned off. Googled it and came across this thread. Wish I knew how to harness this power!

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