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Level 7

Streaming box remote problem

So I have an arabic streaming box in the HDMI port 1. Whenever I press the up button on the streaming box remote it takes me back to the roku home screen. I need to use the uo button to get to a certain channel but everytime I do it takes me out of the streaming box and back to the roku home screen. Why is this happening, anyway I can stop this from happening, its very annoying and I cant even use my streaming box.

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Level 17

Re: Streaming box remote problem

Try turning off 1-Touch Play (Settings/System/Control other devices)

You'll need to manually switch to the Roku input on your TV afterwards.

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Level 21

Re: Streaming box remote problem

Sounds like the streaming box uses a IR protocol similar to the roku tv, unless you can switch your streaming box to rf, as you can the roku tv, nothing can be done to change IR addresses of each. 

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