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Streaming Stick + intermittent volume restriction /mute issues

I have had my Streaming Stick + remote for about a year and it has been working fine.  About 6 weeks ago…all functions stopped working….I reset the stick and all was well.  

Now the last three weeks the volume button gets stuck and will only go up or down one volume step.  EX:  if the volume is set to “8” and I want to have more or less volume….it will only go to “9” or “7”.   Also, if I turn the mute button on….I cant get the volume back.  It doesn’t matter what number the volume is on…..intermittently it only goes up or down one number.

Turning the TV off fixes the problem……but it always comes back.  Maybe and hour….maybe 5 hours…..etc…but it is multiple times every day.

I have spoken with numerous ROKU techs…we have reset the device…..made sure the software is up to date…..resetting has been done numerous time.  Of course it works temporarily as the TV had been off.

I just ordered an extender.  After that I was told if the extender did not fix it….I should order a new remote.

I find it curious that it had been working perfectly for a long time and then…this.

Anyone have this issue

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