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Streaming Stick+ Remote Requiring Two Presses to "Activate"

Hello all. We're about to switch to streaming and get rid of Dish. So, I've installed several devices throughout the house. I've got a fire stick+ on the bedroom TV, a Roku Ultra in the family room, and then Roku Streaming Stick+ on the TVs in the kids game room and my office.

This morning, I noticed that the remote in the office is requiring me to press any button twice to get an initial function working. After that, it works fine with one press to do everything, until I let it sit for about 10+ seconds and then it's back to requiring 2 presses to "activate" it.

For example, while watching YTTV, if I want to pause the show, I have to hit pause (or "OK") 2 times before it will actually pause. Then if I push pause again, it will start playing with only one press.

Or, if I push the back arrow, it requires me to do it twice to get back to the search page/guide area, but then I can push up, down, OK, etc. and it will take me where I want to go with single presses.

I thought it might be a YTTV issue, so I tried it on Philo and the same issue is happening, so I'm pretty sure its the remote and/or the stick. I've tried pulling the batteries from the remote, restarting the Roku both via the menu and pulling the power cord, but no luck. I tested the Ultra and the stick+ upstairs and there were no issues with either of them - first press always worked.

We have AT&T fiber (that was installed last Friday) and use Google WiFi with three hubs spread throughout the house - one in the laundry room attached directly to the modem, one upstairs, and one in the family room. The office TV is in the room that shares a wall with the laundry room where the modem and primary hub are located, though it is sort of at an angle "under" the one upstairs such that it could certainly be within range of that hub.

The upstairs TV is right by the upstairs WiFi hub and technically just above the main hub and modem from downstairs, so if it was an issue of going back and forth between those two, I would think both of the sticks would have the same issue, which isn't the case.

I know that the sticks are WiFi based since they're behind the TVs with no direct line of sight; however, I have the Ultra behind our center channel speaker in our family room so there is no direct line of sight to it, and it works fine. I do have it hard wired via ethernet, so not sure if that counteracts the lack of line of sight.

All devices are connected to the Google WiFi SSID. There is one neighbors WiFi that shows up when I search on my phone, but I have never tried to connect to it so I don't think any devices would be trying to connect to it for any reason. The built in WiFi in the AT&T Gateway was showing up, but I just turned that off (both the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels) in case there was some reason it might be trying to connect to that (not sure why it would). But my thought is if that was somehow an issue, I don't know why it would have just cropped up as a problem today, when it was fine since they installed the AT&T gateway last Friday.

Ultimately, it's certainly not the end of the world, but it is annoying, and just strikes me as strange since neither of the other Rokus are having the same issue, and one of them is a Stick+ as well.

Has anyone experienced this issue and/or does anyone know how to fix it?

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