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Setting up Roku Without a Remote - Info and Suggestion

Have seen a lot of posts in here regarding being unable to setup a Roku device because someone's remote isn't working, lost/broken/malfunctioning remote, updated routers and now Roku can't be set to network because of a remote problem, factory reset their device, etc.  Multitude of reasons.

Generally, you need a Roku remote to make the setup go easy.  Another alternative is to buy a compatible universal streaming remote. (even the $10 ones will work in most instances.) But you can setup Roku "without" a physical remote.

Below are a couple of links that I think the average user can understand in order to use a mobile hotspot and a couple of mobile devices (phone and tablet, 2 phones etc) which uses the Roku mobile app Remote Control Feature.  If you follow it slowly and carefully, you "should" be able to set up your preferred wireless network for Roku to connect to and use the Roku mobile app Remote to control Roku until you get a replacement remote (either by purchase, or Roku refund/replace.update, whatever)

These instruction imply that you need to be able to connect to a mobile hotspot (some phones will allow this) and another mobile device to control the Roku mobile app.  I think Roku's own help pages even though they contain similar information are a little lacking in step by step instructions. But used in conjunction with Roku's help pages, I think this should help someone out.


Hopefully helpful to those struggling to get your Roku up and running.


Edited 2/13/21

For those who need more of a visual walkthrough here are two youtube links....similar to the articles above but assuming you know your network's SSID and password and ability to link to a hotspot.  Again, as I have stated, easier to just buy a replacement remote but this can be is a workaround if stuck in a pinch.  Not all of us live in the city where we can just run down the street to the store. Sometimes we have to improvise.

How to connect to your Roku if your wifi has changed and you have no remote to change it

How to connect Roku remote app when devices doesn't have wifi




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Re: Setting up Roku Without a Remote - Info and Suggestion

Thank you, this seems to be good info.  But I still don't see how to set up a Roku without a remote if it is not already set up on a wifi network.  I received a Roku Streaming Stick+ with a broken remote (the green light for pairing will never turn on, even with known-good batteries).  I downloaded the app, but it cannot find any devices on the network, because of course the Roku is still stuck at the pairing remotes stage.  Not sure if this is possible, or if I need to buy a new remote just to set it up to use my phone. 

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Re: Setting up Roku Without a Remote - Info and Suggestion

The easiest method is to just buy a new remote, either another Roku remote or a universal Streaming Remote that is Roku compatible.(should tell you on packaging or spec sheet).

There are also ways to get a Roku remote with a broken Pairing Button to once again pair with the Roku Device.

The method above is not the easiest, but is for those that cannot get a remote easily and just want to try an alternate method.  Basically you are connecting the Roku to a mobile hotspot on a device (mobile hotspot, phone, tablet whatever), then you use another 2nd mobile device (another phone/wife's phone tablet whatever) and connect to that hotspot network also. Using the Roku's phone app Remote, you can navigate Roku's menus and head to SETTINGS...NETWORK, and then direct the Roku over to your home network (router), enter the password etc.  Then you disconnect from the hotspot and should now be connected to your preferred home network.

From here you can continue to use the Roku app as remote, or pair as normal when you finally get a remote.  It is a work-around, not a preferred method as not everyone can enable a hotspot either, 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Setting up Roku Without a Remote - Info and Suggestion

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts.

If you are setting up a new Roku device, you will need a physical remote to set it up.


Danny R.
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