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[SOLVED] Remote and Audio Issues

Well, maybe it's not trying to kill me, but it's slowly driving me mad.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit...smoking, drinking, amphetamines, and sniffing glue.

First, I'll say that I think I'm hosed.  But, there's a lot of smart folks on here, so maybe someone will have a solution I haven't considered.  Whatever the case, thanks for reading.

    • Roku Streaming Stick


    • Model: 3600R


    • Purchased: July 2016


  • Warranty Status: Out of Warranty

Originally, the audio started cutting-out on my Roku Streaming Stick 3600R, following a software update. A Factory Reset resolved the issue, until I applied the next software update. Then, the audio problem returned.  I had planned to perform another Factory Reset and just not update it for a while, but I never had the opportunity.

Next, my Enhanced Remote stopped working. Saturday night, it worked. Sunday morning, it didn't. I assumed the batteries were dead, so I purchased new batteries. This did not help. I tried pairing the remote, but the pairing LED never turned-on.  The new and old batteries worked in my Sony DVD remote.  (I should have tried that first, before buying new batteries.)

I then removed the power to everything - TV, Streaming Stick, Router, and Modem.  I even removed the Streaming Stick from the TV. I left it that way for 15 minutes and reconnected everything.

Unfortunately, at that point, my Streaming Stick became stuck in a continual reboot loop. The only way I was able to stop it was a Factory Reset.

Now, with no working remote and the IP settings erased from the Streaming Stick, I can't do anything.  I'm locked-out.

Roku no longer offers the same OEM 3600R remote on their website, so I checked eBay and  I was unable to find any Enhanced Remotes that are compatible with the 3600R Streaming Stick.

I called Roku Support, went through some Q&A and troubleshooting, and was told I should buy a new remote.  I explained that I had not been able to find one on, eBay, or  I was then told that the "Roku Streaming Stick Voice Remote" (for the Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3800) and Roku Streaming Stick+) is compatible with the 3600R Streaming Stick.

In the past two days, I have tried two different "Roku Streaming Stick Voice Remotes" and neither allowed me to setup my 3600R.  When I tried to pair the new remote to my old Streaming Stick, there was activity on my TV.  An animated representation of a remote appeared on the screen and a progress wheel started spinning, but I was never able to get my old 3600R Streaming Stick to respond.  So, it seems clear the new Streaming Stick Voice Remote doesn't work with the 3600R.

So, as I stated at the opening, I think I'm hosed.  But, if anyone has any suggestions, I would be most grateful.


As an aside, I found nearly 800 one-star reviews of the 3600R on  Of the few pages of negative reviews I read, most were due to the remote.  Either it was an out-of-box failure, stopped working after a short period of time, or the remote required continual re-pairing to the Streaming Stick.  For me, there's the fact that I got only 18 months of use, before it stopped working.  Even if the new Enhanced Remote had worked, spending $20 for it seems unreasonable, considering the Streaming Stick set was $50 in the first place.  In the interim, I reconnected my original Roku N1000 to watch Netflix.  The picture still look great.  I used my Roku N1000 from early 2009 to mid-2016 with the only issues being no more software updates, slowing performance, and inability to support newer channels.  But, it was solid.  And, the remote?  It still works like a champ.

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Re: Help! My Roku Is Trying To Kill Me!

Never Mind!   Smiley Happy

Had I read some of the other posts first, I would have found the solution in the following thread:

New remote won't pair to Roku 3600X stick

The problem, as these other brilliant folks determined, is the firmware for the "Roku Streaming Stick Voice Remote."  Once I updated the remote's firmware, via a Roku Streaming Stick 3800R, I then was able to pair it with my old 3600R Streaming Stick.

From here, I should be able to use the Roku iPad App to control the 3600R, now that it's on my network again, thanks to the 3800R remote.  If something happens and I need to perform another Factory Reset on the 3600R, I'll just have to borrow another newer Streaming Stick remote again.  Eventually, I hope to find an original 3600R remote on eBay.

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