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SD card insertion issues

So there is no picture or video guide anywhere that shows which is the right side up for inserting SD card on 2018 roku ultra and which ever way I flip it it doesn't want to go in... which is up? no matter which way I turn it its not going in smoothly and will need to be forced in. I don't want to force it in the wrong way and do any damage but it refuses to go in smoothly whichever way I turn it so can anyone please clarify by image which way is up. I tried to shine a flashlight into the SD slot to see where the pin readers are and it almost looks upside down but I cant quite tell??? who can clarify this for me and is there any way to get a proper how too image? how has every guide and set up including toms guide and even the official roku sight overlooked this possible need for new users entirely?


EDIT: ...... O.K. on 2018 roku ultra I can confirm it is upside down like the 3rd image I have posted!


SD slot on the 2018 ultra just below the HDMISD slot on the 2018 ultra just below the HDMIright-side up?right-side up?upside-down?upside-down?

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Level 8

Q&A - just found an unlikely work around for roku not recognizing/Formatting SD card....

So many folks have been having issues getting larger SD cards to recognize and/or format so I will tell you an odd technique I just tried and it seems to work (at the end of this walkthrough I will post the model roku I have tested with and the model/size and make of SD I used): 

1. make sure the Roku is on when you insert The SD

(Some models are inserted upside down and some right side up discussed in my previous post)

2. If you are not prompted to format the SD then go to "system restart" in options and give it a restart.

(if it still doesn't see it then try a few system restarts until it does recognize and prompt you to format)

3. if it seems to time out and fail while attempting to format it may be an issue of the process timing out while idling during the process of formatting or getting sidetracked by sceensavers etc (Hard to say why it sidetracks or times out), If it times out on you then try a fresh system restart and try again with an added technique which I will highlight in step #4.

4. when prompted to format opt to do so but then instead of going afk or idle during the process try keeping your machine active by triggering an action that wont cancel out the process or switch functions.... In my case I tapped the direction button "up" every 10-20 seconds or so and watched carefully the small loading wheel. There are occasionally moments where it looks as if its skipping or slowing down or freezing/choking up so make sure to tap the upwards directional during those moments to help the machine remain active during the process with out idling or timing out.

(When you tap upwards it should make a small negative confirmation sound as if to say "nope cant do that right now" and it helps to keep the system triggered or active through out the process until completion)

This process does not seem to appear on any guides or how to's and believe me I have dug deep in search of alternatives to having to format in a different/separate laptop or device/machine. I have tried this and it finally seemed to push the format process all the way through resulting in a formatted SD in the roku - FINALLY! 


ROKU DEVICE - I use an older roku ultra 4660x2 possibly a 2018 I believe

MicroSD - Samsung 64GB EVO Plus Micro SDXC UHS-I Card, Class 10  1 FHD with Read Speed 100MB/s and Write Speed 20MB/s  (Purchased online @ Amazon) 

Roku Ultra and Samsung 64GB microSD.jpg

I really Hope this walkthrough helps to solve this issue for people that do not have another device or alternative to format their new new SD cards in once and for all.

(If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again)

Q&A courtesy of Hiphobbit 

Aloha and Mahalo!