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Roku3 headphone audio inconsistency

I have a roku 3 that has been a constant battle to get decent audio out of the headphones. It is usually choppy with static. I've tried multiple different headphones as well.

I've done all sorts of resets and pairings, changed wifi frequency, some worked some did nothing, never a sure fix.

Now all of the sudden Netflix is crystal clear all the time and Amazon is now always choppy. I'm baffled any info would be appreciated.


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Level 7

Re: Roku3 headphone audio inconsistency

I have a similar problem like Shmittey. The only difference is that my problem occurs only when I connect my Beat Pro headphones via cable to the remote. There is a lot of static. It sounds like the ocean. It only starts when I start a movie. It will not go away even if I quit the movie and return to the main menu. It WILL go away only if I restart my Roku Ultra. However, when I start a move again, the static comes right back.

I wonder if there is a way to switch the radio frequency on the player. I suspect that there might be something interfering with the current frequency (like another Roku box near my house).

Any suggestions?
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