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Level 7

Roku rf remote vs. Roku ir remote

I live at home and bought everyone Roku and it is under my account.  My brothers keep walking by my room and will pop in and change the channels and volume when I am watching tv as a joke.  If I bought an rf remote that had to be paired to my tv would that stop this?  It is the holidays and I am trying to keep the peace and not make it a huge issue.

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Level 20

Re: Roku rf remote vs. Roku ir remote

Sorry, but no. Even when a roku tv has been paired to wifi remote it can still accept IR commands along with RF. But if you bought everyone a RF remote and then confiscated their IR remotes, then you would have peace. That's if each can be paired with wifi remote, you could tell if there is a pairing option in the menu under remotes & devices.

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Level 21

Re: Roku rf remote vs. Roku ir remote

Get an RF remote and block the little window for the IR sensor with a piece of black tape or something similar (or hide it behind the TV if it's a Roku box).

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