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Roku remote sucks and no one wants to help!!

I have to replace the batteries in my voice remote every 2 weeks, or less.  I've already searched the forums and you don't seem to have a solution.  Do I need to switch streaming devices?  Or have you figured out the issue??  I can't take the batteries out when not in use,  that's absurd.

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Re: Roku remote sucks and no one wants to help!!

Unless you have a streaming stick, the simplest resolution is to buy a IR remote to use instead. Many clones available on eBay, or the more expensive learning models from oneforall will have Roku support.

A second option is to buy the rechargeable voice remote pro.

Otherwise..the solution is technically difficult and uncertain, inherent in technology used.  The link between remote and streamer is bidirectional and in same frequencies as WiFi, and is on for a lot of the time.  If you live in an area with lots of nearby WiFi (or other devices in 2.4Ghz license free band) the remote has to "shout" to make itself heard. And that wears out the batteries.  Not much can be done other than get help in changing WiFi to different channel to see if that helps (might improve WiFi speed as well).

Or either remote or streamer is defective and not transmitting the link at full power. Try a replacement wireless remote (maybe second hand from eBay, or a new voice remote) and see if the experience is better

I have posted a suggestion that streaming stick design needs have an IR remote fallback option with an "eye" on a wire to put on top or underneath TV screen, to work around this kind of problem.


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Re: Roku remote sucks and no one wants to help!!

I will try changing the Wi-Fi.  This was a replacement remote since my first started to stop working randomly.  

Seems like Roku needs to figure out a better way than suggesting purchasing more equipment to solve a remote issue. 

I have 2 other streaming devices I can use,  but chose Roku.  

Not that I alone matter,  but this will definitely be something that makes me  choose my other options over Roku. 

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Re: Roku remote sucks and no one wants to help!!


I've been a Roku user for over 10 years, and I've never had an issue with the remotes. Most Roku users don't have issues. Whatever is going on is something that impacts a small percentage of users. Before you respond that a lot of people have similar issues, keep in mind there are literally millions of Roku users. If 1% were impacted, that's over a hundred thousand. Less than that number have issues. If that many had issues, this board would be flooded 24/7 with reports. So, it's a small percentage that have the issues.

Having said that, the issue you're experiencing is very real. The problem is trying to determine what is causing it.

You didn't say what Roku device you have. It's always a good idea to provide your Roku model number and Roku software version -- Settings > System > About -- when reporting issues. I'm going to assume it's a device using a Voice Remote, Enhanced Voice Remote, or Voice Remote Pro. The model number would have told me, so I'm guessing here.

Those WiFi Direct devices can work overtime if network connectivity drops. The remote uses the same band and channel your device uses to connect to the network. If connectivity drops, the remote has to work harder to restore it. Harder work = shorter battery life.

This is a possible issue. The solution to such an issue is to troubleshoot network connectivity.

To start this, what device do you have? What band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, both) does your network use? What channel on the band?

There are some really good network folks that frequent this forum, and can provide excellent guidance in resolving network issues.

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Re: Roku remote sucks and no one wants to help!!

I have a TCL Roku TV that had/has a similar problem.  Voice remote works fine to power on/off the TV and change volume but is very slow and sometimes doesn't work to use Roku menu.  I discovered that this only happens when I am on 2.4 GHz band.  Never is a problem on 5 GHz band.   If possible try the 5 GHz band.   In my case this worked great until I went with a Nest Mesh system that is dual band but uses the same SSID for both bands.  Sometimes after a power outage I have to setup network until the TV connects to the 5 GHz band.  Once on 5GHz there is never a problem.  I have two other TCL Roku TV and neither have this problem.  I have family members with TCL Roku TVs and none have this problem.  This may not be helpful to anyone else but I tried.