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Level 8

Roku remote problem

I own 4 rokus...never really had any problems..2 roku 3 and 2 roku ultra.I bought a second roku ultra in December around Christmas.I keep having issues with the remote..buttons sticking..sometimes remote stops responding like batteries are drained.I replace batteries remote starts responding again.Put same batteries in that came out and now it says batteries have plenty of life.I thought about replacing the remote only but when i look on roku site i see i need the enhanced remote and its 29$.This is kind of frustrating that i should have to pay 29$ for a replacement remote when the ultra is only a little over two months of use.My other ultra is like 2 years old with no such problems.

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Level 12

Re: Roku remote problem

Yep - best way to describe it - Hinkey.

Works fine for a while then suddenly it's blowed up. Eventually it comes back to it's senses if you hammer on the buttons enough (or it reboots itself). Eats batteries too (never had earbuds plugged in - ever).
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