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Level 7

Roku remote not working roku express blinking

I just bought a roku express and I’m trying to set it up. Everything is plugged in, the batteries are in the remote but the roku is blinking and the remote won’t work. Also, it won’t let me connect the roku to my app.

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Level 21

Re: Roku remote not working roku express blinking

If it's new you may want to just take it back.  Does anything appear on your TV screen?  Are you using the supplied power adapter and not your TV's USB port?  You can use your phone's camera to see if the remote works - point the remote at the camera and press a button and you should see a flash of light on your phone's screen.  You can't use the app until it's connected to your Wi-Fi and the only way to get it connected is by using the remote.

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Level 20

Re: Roku remote not working roku express blinking

Right is it new, or just new to you? Describe the remote? Does it have power key or volume buttons? It shouldn't.