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Roku remote fails when WiFi is on

We received the Roku for Christmas and it worked fine yesterday.  This morning the remote will not work.  We can adjust TV volume and turn the tv on/off, but nothing else on the remote works.  So, hard reboot to “repair” the remote as instructed in these forums.  The remote will not repair.  No screen to indicate pairing after multiple attempts.  The green light by the batteries flashes in perpetuity and nothing happens.  3 second or 5 seconds or 12 seconds, the remote doesn’t care how often or how long you press that pairing button.

So we tried the WiFi reboot method.  Once the WiFi disconnects, the remote pairing screen pops up and all functionality (of the remote) is restored.  WiFi back on, the remote immediately stops working.  We can reliably recreate this effect.  The only way to get the remote to have full functionality and pair up is with the WiFi off.

How do we fix this?  It worked fine right out of the box yesterday with no tweaking or pairing Kung fu required.

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Re: Roku remote fails when WiFi is on

Assuming it's a roku tv by your description, correct?
When first connected, I assume on Christmas, did you ever experience it checking for or going through an update? 
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Re: Roku remote fails when WiFi is on

It's positional.  If the remote does not have the TV between it and the Roku stick, then they find one another.  If you're sitting on the sofa with the remote (the stick plugged into the back of the TV) with that TV barrier between the two items, then the two are lost and never connect up.
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Re: Roku remote fails when WiFi is on

Try getting an HDMI extender; you may be getting interference:

Also, is your WiFi AP's channel set to "auto" or something similar? If so, try setting it to an explicit channel. Experiment; one channel may be better than others.

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Re: Roku remote fails when WiFi is on

Yes, get the hdmi extender regardless.

Try something simple in the meantime. When you've got the remote paired, check the battery level.  Settings -> Remotes&Devices -> Remote -> About.

Could be weak batteries Smiley Wink

Also use the secret commands for the WiFi information ... 1779010902

Last, download "WiFi Scout" on your Windows laptop or "WiFi Analyzer" on you android device and go check out the reception from a different device.  Either will tell you if there are other network overlapping your signal in either the 2.4 and/or 5 GHz spectrums

OK, one more thing, ... try this as well to help find the problems.... ... e&hl=en_US
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