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Roku remote “Unable to hear you”

Hoping someone can help me

out here. My Roku remote started Not being able to hear me. I’ve tried the Roku app and that works fine for voice command but for some reason my remote doesn’t work anymore. Nothing is changed in my environment and I’ve done the normal troubleshooting techniques. Change the batteries, restarted the unit and repaired the remote. Does anyone here have an advice or a resolution to this? 

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Re: Roku remote “Unable to hear you”

Is your Roku software up to update?


Should be at Software version 9.4.0 Build 4200

If so, or after manual update, then do a System Restart.


See if that helps.

Also, some have had success rebooting their Router (probably resets/clears any interference that may be happening on network that may be affecting communication with remote) after performing above.

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Re: Roku remote “Unable to hear you”

Obviously you need to stop eating while youre doing this.

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