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Roku premiere responding to Roku Express remote

I just purchased a new Roku Express to replace an old Roku 3.  I use the Roku Express along side a Roku Premiere on the same TV(one for YouTubeTV, the other for Netflix, Amazon, etc.).  Apparently the Roku Premiere is designed to respond to both the Express IR remote and the Premiere RF remote.  Each time I operate the Express remote both of the Roku players respond.  I can fix the problem by just blocking the front of the Premiere where the IR sensor is located.
The Roku Express remote does not show as "paired" with the Roku Premiere in Settings/Remote&Devices.  Only the original remote shows as paired.
Is there any way to disable the IR sensor in the Roku Premiere?  Or maybe I should just put some duct tape across the front of the Premiere and forget about it. 

Bill Dare  

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Re: Roku premiere responding to Roku Express remote

Yes, the premiere can receive IR signals from any of the Roku IR remotes.  Find the receiving sensor on the Premiere unit and cover it with tape.  Use black electrical tape for a more "refined" look.
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