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Level 8

Roku premiere and RC-AL4. Private listening not working

I have a Roku premiere paired with the #RC-AL4 remote.   Private listening works fine with the Roku app, but not with the remote.   The audio controls show on screen as updating the volume up/down on the headphone jack but there is no sound.  Some static popping in the headphones when first plugged in and detected.  Head phones work fine on other devices and have tried other headphones with the remote.  Have tried unplugging, rebooting, and repairing remote but no luck.  Am I missing something? Possible defective remote

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Level 21

Re: Roku premiere and RC-AL4. Private listening not working

Stop trying, a premiere just does not work with the headphone jack on the remote, even though the rest of the remote does. I tested it with RC-AL4 remote and current Roku Ultra remote the RC-AL9, neither allows for private listening on a premiere.

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