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Roku enhanced remote + Epson Projector

Epson was in the product list for the remote control during setup of my original Roku Ultra; the Roku enhanced remote successfully turned my projector on and off, which is all I need it to do.  That particular Roku Ultra was defective so I returned it and got a new one- but during setup, I see that Epson has disappeared from the product list (?!) Does anyone know how to restore this functionality?  It is very frustrating to have this setup working fine until a week ago, only to see it suddenly disappear.  I have a new Roku Ultra (4800X, v9.4.1, build 4236-C2)  and an Epson 8350 projector.   

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Re: Roku enhanced remote + Epson Projector

I am having the same issue.  I thought my roku streaming stick was defective.  Please assist

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Level 9

Re: Roku enhanced remote + Epson Projector

I just discovered this by accident.

Setup - Roku Ultra 4800R / Epson LS500 / Samsung HW-N850

Since Epson is no longer supported, select Hisense (other brand may possibly work too) and the power on/off button works. And since HDMI Link/CEC is also enabled, the volume of my soundbar is also controlled by the Roku remote. I have disabled One Touch Play in the Roku so that only the power button can turn on my projector.

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