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Roku and tv shut off

I use a tv with audio amp and Roku.

My last Samsung TV, when I shut off using Roku, everything was turned off.

Now I have 2 tvs don't shut off with the Roku, the Roku and amp shuts off, but not the TV.

Any ideas ?



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Level 20

Re: Roku and tv shut off

When you program your remote, connect the Roku directly to the TV, and make sure the AVR is OFF or even disconnected from the TV (this ensures the Roku programs the power/volume buttons for the TV, not the AVR).

After programming the remote, you can move the Roku back to the AVR if you want.

Also, make sure HDMI-CEC (including any "HDMI Control/Power control/Sync/Standby" options) are enabled in your TV/AVR.

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