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Roku Ultra remote made noise...not remote finder?

I am going by secondhand information here but I'm a little bit mystified.  

Other than Remote Finder...what, if anything, would make the remote control with the Roku Ultra make a chime or any kind of noise at all?   The family member says they were nowhere near the Remote Finder option when this happened.   Thanks all. 
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Re: Roku Ultra remote made noise...not remote finder?

Nope you are not crazy.   I hear it and my wife hears it too!  Everyday it does that chime noise and nobody is anywhere near the tv or roku.  I talked with customer support about this and they sent me a replacement remote hoping that would fix the problem.  Paired the new remote with my Roku but no difference.  Every morning, more than once, the chime sound is heard.  It's annoying....
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