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Roku Ultra has amnesia & the remote binge eats batteries

Sweet Baby Jesus. This Ultra and its sidekick, "remote", are possessed!

We replace batteries on the remote every three to five days. Seriously. Once again we replaced batteries. The battery bar now showed full BUT the message "Upgrading Remote Firmware" popped up. Once that was completed the screen changed to the no remote screen and wants to pair a remote. Pushing the pairing button on the remote does nothing (no green light ever comes on). The Roku can't find it during the pairing process and times out. If you remove the batteries and put them back in you get the "Upgrading Remote Firmware" again. What? Wait? Hey Ultra, you can't upgrade the firmware on what you can't find for pairing purposes! I replaced the batteries again but did not get the "Upgrading Firmware" and saw the battery meter on the screen show full (Ultra, you see the remote, quit playing around). Alas, the Ultra device still denies the awareness of the remote. 

I went back into settings and remote. Huh? I see a paired remote. I push buttons on the remote. Nothing. I click on "find remote" and it starts ringing. Pushing buttons on the remote doesn't cancel the ringing. I push the back arrow and the screen changes, wait - something happened. Joy is soon lost. All buttons are now non-responsive.

Now I have a non-responsive remote but at least I can use the iPhone Roku app. I fear I'll now start losing my iPhone since it's like my Roku remote that always likes to play hide and seek. That d*** remote is a hide and seek grandmaster.

The Roku Remote Firmware
Model RC193

Roku Info:
Model 466OX - Roku Ultra
Software 9.1.0 Build 4111-46


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Level 21

Re: Roku Ultra has amnesia & the remote binge eats batteries

First question, do you use the headphone jack in the remote for private listening? If so, you have to unplug the headphones whenever not in use, as that keeps the audio amp energized and drains the battery quickly. If that's not it, then it sounds like you might have a defective remote/Ultra. Roku is pretty good about honoring their one year warranty. 
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Re: Roku Ultra has amnesia & the remote binge eats batteries

No. I've never used the headphones. 
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Re: Roku Ultra has amnesia & the remote binge eats batteries

Support is replacing the remote.
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