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Roku Ultra 4660X remote not working

Haven't seen too many posts where the remote has plainly stopped working, so hopefully someone out there can give me some help.

I purchased a Roku Ultra 4660X on clearance at Target a little less than a month ago. I set it up just fine, connected it to my account, and watched some Netflix and Plex without any issue.

Unfortunately, the last month was really busy at work, and I had virtually no time to use the Roku. On the few instances that I did try to use it, I noticed that after the first few days, the remote stopped responding at all.

I tried powering on and off the device a few times, several sets of batteries in the remote, and factory resets altogether, but nothing resolved the unresponsive remote. I tried the pair button on the remote, but I get no feedback on the little LED next to the pair button (


For now, I'm using my phone as a remote, so I know that much works.

Is there anything more I can do it attempt? I submitted a request for replacement from Roku (

) since it has been just under 30 days from the time of purchase, but I'm unfamiliar with this process with them even though I've owned their devices since 2010.

Thank you for any and all help!

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